Summon Wolf is a Skill in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.

Summon Wolf



Summon a level 8 wolf within a 5.0m radius for 24s.
  • None
action_point-icon.jpgAP COST
  • 7 Use
saving_throws-icon.jpgSAVING THROW
  • None
  • 7 turn(s) Cooldown

The wolf is immune to Freezing, cannot be Chilled and takes no damage from water attacks. It does, however, take extra damage from Fire attacks. Its ferocious bite attacks have a 20% chance to set Bleeding status for 2 turns. It has a special Throat Bite skill. Has Attack of Opportunity.

You can only have one summon at a time.

Summon_Wolf_small.jpgSummon Wolf Information

  • Recommended Geomancer Level : 3 - This Skill will cost +2 AP for each level below the recommended one.
  • Recommended Attribute Points: ? Intelligence - Each Intelligence point below the recommended reduced the Status Effect chance of the Skill by 10%, while each point of Intelligence above the recommended grants a 5% bonus chance. Each even point of Intelligence (6, 8, 10, 12, etc) will reduce the Cooldown of this Skill by 1 turn.

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