The Hunt in Hunter's Edge

Quest Giver
Location Dark Forest
Suggested Level 17+
Next Quest ???
Previous Quest Eternal Winter

The Hunt in Hunter's Edge is a main Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. This quest will have you free some innocent servants of the Wizard from the clutches of the evil Immaculates. There will be multiple ways to go about the quest but the outcomes are relatively similar (XP gained may differ).

This quest can be started by speaking with Jinxika the Cat (If you have Pet Pal talent) in the farm outside Hunter's Edge ; OR the Jahrl in the Tribal Men's Warehouse in Hunter's Edge.

Important NPCs



  • Up to 75,000+ XP
  • 1 point of Reputation
  • Password to open one of the chests in the Wizard's house.



  1. Speak with either Jinxika (Method 1) or the Jahrl (Method 2) to obtain the quest

(Method 1) - Jinxika

  1. Kill 1 rat hunting the servants
  2. Kill the Immaculates that attack you when you attack rats
  3. Make Poisoned Cheese to kill a 2nd rat
  4. Talk with the Rat King at the basement of the Tavern
  5. Choose to side with the Rat King or Jinxika
    Siding with the Rat King:
    • Speak with Jinxika again and tell her about the Rat King
    • Win RPS game to convince her to leave town
    • Tell Rat King you have gotten rid of her
    • Inform the Ratcatcher about Grutilda's secret
    • Ratcatcher will show you the hidden cellar. Kill the servants.
    Siding with Jinxika:
    • Speak with Jinxika again and tell her about the Rat King
    • Return to the Tavern to fight the Rat King
    • Return to Jinxika after killing the rat to obtain position of key to unlock the cellar where the servants are hiding.
    • Inform Grutilda that the Ratcatcher failed to hunt the servants
    • Find the Key in one of the beehives at the back of Wizard's house
    • Hit the boulder at the location of the cellar marked on your map to reveal it
    • Talk to the servants
    • Deactivate the traps in the Wizard's home
    • Speak with the servants again
    • Guide them through the Portal on the upper floor

(Method 2) - Jahrl

  1. Learn about the prisoners from the Jahrl
  2. Enter the Warehouse Cellar
  3. Kill Kansada and Lorr
  4. Speak with Nolan and let him live
  5. Fight everyone to help Nolan escape
  6. Use the hidden button in the "farthest room" to open a secret escape tunnel
  7. Free the other prisoners
  8. Find the Key in one of the beehives at the back of Wizard's house
  9. Hit the boulder at the location of the cellar marked on your map to reveal it
  10. Talk to the servants
  11. Deactivate the traps in the Wizard's home
  12. Speak with the servants again
  13. Guide them through the Portal on the upper floor to end the quest.



  • As soon as you receive the quest, you will learn that a few Immaculates have been trying to enter a Wizard's house but are unable due to the traps stopping them. So, the Immaculates are instead using the Ratcatcher and his rats to hunt down the Wizard's servants for information. The only trouble is that the servants are hiding at some unknown location. Your task will be to find these servants, and help them escape from the Immaculates.
  • There are 2 Methods of completing the quest. You can even choose to help the servants or help the immaculates.
  • Speak with either Jinxika (Method 1) or the Jahrl (Method 2) to obtain the quest and decide which way you want to do it. If you choose Method 1, you will need the Pet Pal talent.


  • Method 1 - Jinxika
  • You can find Jinxika the cat in the farmland right outside Hunter's Edge. She will promise to tell you about the Servants in return for a favor - kill the rats hunting them down.
  • Rats are scattered all over Hunter's Edge. When you kill a rat, the other rats will go hide in a rat hole. This will also trigger your main characters to hint that "poisoned-cheese ought to do the trick" to lure those rats out of their holes. (NOTE: The Immaculates will warn you about killing the rats. Once you kill another rat, they will fight you.)
  • You can combine a Medium_Poison_Flask_small.pngPoison Flask with some Food_Cheese_Small.pngCheese to craft Food_Poisoned_Cheese_Small.png"Poisoned Cheese".
  • Placing this Food_Poisoned_Cheese_Small.png"Poisoned Cheese" in front of any rat hole will lure the rat to come out, eat the cheese and die. This should trigger the Rat King to present himself and mourn the loss of a dear friend. Speaking with the Rat King will reveal that he wants you to kill Jinxika for killing his men. You will be able to find the Rat King again at the Tavern basement if you wish to meet him.
  • Here you are presented with a choice - side with the Rat King or Jinxika. (Note: Siding with the Rat King will end the quest quicker but gain you less XP. It will also affect how you start the main quest Follow the Wizard).
    • Return to Jinxika and convince her to leave the village. You will have to win a game of RPS to do this. This will also gain you +5100 XP.
    • After winning, you should go to the Tavern Basement and click on the "rat palace" to make the Rat King appear. Inform him that you succeeded and he will reward you by telling you about a hidden hatch entrance into Grutilda's office where a secret stash of treasure is waiting for you.
    • Speak with the Ratcatcher to inform him that the Rat King has found the Servants. He will then find them and kill them and then the quest will be complete.
    • You can then only obtain Follow the Wizard by looting the Portal Crystal or reading the Letter to Icara.


    • If you choose this, then you need to speak with the cat to inform her about the Rat King and then return to the Tavern basement to make the Rat Kingappear (as explained above).
    • Instead of starting a conversation with him, just use one of your characters to attack him and defeat him and his ghost summons. This will gain you +10,200 XP.
    • Speak with Jinxika again to find out that the Servants are hiding in a hidden cellar (location will be marked on your map). You will also learn that the key to this cellar is hidden in a beehive behind the Wizard's house.
    • Inform Grutilda that the Ratcatcher failed to hunt the servants and gain +1 Blunt.
    • Proceed to SAVING THE SERVANTS


  • Method 2 - Jahrl
  • If you do not have the Pet Pal talent, you can still do this quest through the Jahrl of Hunter's Edge. You can find him at the Tribal Men's Warehouse.
  • He will tell you that he has some prisoners who may know something about the Servants.
  • Go into the warehouse cellar. Speak with the Guard blocking the entrance to go in. Inside you will see two prison guards Kansada and Lorr torturing a few prisoners. You can talk with them but either way you will have to fight and kill them. (Note: You can win a RPS game with them first for some extra +6800 XP)
  • One of the prisoners named Nolan will tell you that he can help you, but only if you help him escape. He will say this loudly and startle everyone around, making them fight with you. This fight will reward you with over +30,000 XP.
    • NOTE: You will have a choice to kill Nolan while in dialogue with him because you are worried he will blow your cover. Doing so will gain you Bartering +1 but would mean that you will have to do the quest using Method 1. This can be problematic if you do not have Pet Pal talent so it is best to let him live.)
  • To escape, you will need to activate a button hidden in cobwebs on the wall in the farthest room. This room has a table and cabinet in it. Hitting the button will move the cabinet and reveal a secret tunnel.
  • Nolan will say that he can't leave without the other prisoners so you will need to loot a key off one of the guard's bodies and release the other prisoners as well.
  • In the tunnel you will have some company to take care of. These will be made up of 2 Spore-Infested Guards and 5 Night Caps. The Night Caps (Mushrooms) are immune to almost all elements but are vulnerable to melee attacks. However watch out for the poison clouds that are emitted whenever they are hit. You will earn over +45,000 XP for this fight.
  • Nolan will then reveal to you that the servants are hiding in a cellar and the key to the cellar is hidden in a beehive near the Wizard's house. (All the locations will be marked on your map).
  • The other prisoners will also reveal to you a hatch that leads to Grutilda's treasure stash. You will earn additional +4080 XP for helping them.
  • Now you may proceed to SAVING THE SERVANTS.


    • Find the key and then go to the marked spot. Break the boulder sitting atop the cellar to access it. Use your key and enter inside.
    • Speaking with the servants, you will find out the poor Wizard's fate. ( This will also initiate the quest Follow the Wizard)
    • Return to the Wizard's house and deactivate all the traps inside. These traps are sneaky. They disappear as you get close to them and are not friendly at all. It is best to send in only one character to do this. Preferably this character should have high resistances.
    • You need to go upstairs and into the southeasternly room to find a deactivated mirror-portal. Light the 4 candleholders around the room to activate it.
    • Go through the portal, to find yourself in another room with a lever. Using it will get rid of the magical barriers on the upper floor blocking the main bedroom.
    • Inside the main bedroom there will be another portal and lever. Pulling that lever will disable all the traps and earn you another +5100 XP.

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    • As for the Rat part of the quests, the best way to do this is..
      1) Talk to Jinxika to start her quest.
      2) Kill a Rat (90 XP) out of view of the Orcs, south of the warehouse is a rat hole. Make the poison cheese and put it in front of the rat hole the Rat King comes out (4,080 XP) to talk.
      3) Back to Jinxika do the Minigame to persuade her to leave (5,100 XP). Before exiting conversation drop an oil field on her pathway so you can shoot and kill her after the conversation, others in the town won't care (1,650 XP).
      4) Finally go to the Tavern Cellar and use the Rat Palace hole. The Rat King comes out so attack him. Don't kill him until he summons the 6 other Rats, then kill them all. Each gives 10,200 XP, so 71,400 total XP for the battle.

      • Anonymous

        You can do both methods for max experience. The fight with the guards around the prisoners didn't make anyone outside hostile for me.

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