The Mad Mage's Maze

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Side
Location Dark Forest
Linked Quests The Talking Statues]

The Mad Mage's Maze is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. It starts when you touch a pile of gold in the Dark Forest swamps and then Bellegar appears.

NOTE: You need to complete Talking Statues in Cyseal to have access to this side quest

Important NPCs

  • Bellegar



  • + 11,475 XP



  1. Teleport to Bellegar's maze
  2. Solve the chessboard puzzle



  • After speaking with Bellegar, you will be able to use your Rune Stone to travel to Bellegar's Maze. You can explore around and will eventually come across a chess board.
  • You need to solve this puzzle to win the quest. The board will be littered with food and there are 3 levers in front of it. Each lever transforms the creature into a cat,dog or rat. The creature will then move to the adjacent square if it has their favourite dish in it. You have to get that creature to all 3 green areas to open the doors for loot behind them.
    • NOTE: Opening the third door will make the weapon your characters are holding break. Therefore it is best to switch out for some crappy weapons while in this maze so that you don't mind losing them.
  • After looting the three rooms, teleport out of the maze to complete the quest.

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