The Talking Statues

Quest Giver
Corpse Cyseal
Quest Type Side
Location Cyseal
Linked Quests - Arhu's Failed Experiment
- The Fabulous Five

The Talking Statues is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. This quest is initiated by reading the Traveler's Journal found on a corpse North of the Cyseal beach where you first start the game.

Important NPCs



  • +1050 XP / demon
  • +2100 XP for quest completion



  1. Obtain & Read Traveler's Journal
  2. Talk to the Beggar in Cyseal
  3. Complete The Fabulous Five / Arhu's Failed Experiment
  4. Leave the cave to the Northwest
  5. Talk to Pincer the crab on the far west beack with Petpal, get info on the statues (450 XP), attitude choice of bold/cautious, then kill Pincer for 450 XP.
  6. Talk to any of the Statues
  7. Destroy each Statue with that elemental spell.
  8. Defeat all 4 Demons
  9. Free Bellegar, the imprisoned wizard from the cave.



  • Walk North from where you start the game to find a corpse with a Traveler's Journal on him. Upon reading it your characters will engage in a dialogue. Complete it to gain +1 Pragmatic/ Romantic.
  • Find the beggar in Cyseal. He is usually by an abandoned building East of Esmeralda's Shop. Converse with him for +1 Spiritual / Materialistic.
  • Complete the side quests: The Fabulous Five / Arhu's Failed Experiment
  • Travel straight to the end of the cave and head Northwest from there.
  • Visit Pincer the crab on the far west beach and talk to him with Petpal, learning about the statues (450 XP). bold/cautious dialogue, then kill him for 450 XP.
  • Speak with the statues to update the quest. Then use the corresponding elemental spell on each of the statues. (Fire, Water, Earth and Air)
  • With each statue, an elemental demon of the same type will spawn. Kill all 4 demons. (Note: Using same type elemental attack on a demon heals them. E.g. Fire spell on Fire Demon will heal him).
  • You will see an entrance to the cave where Bellegar is imprisoned. Go inside to rescue him and complete the quest.

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