The Talking Statues

Quest Giver
Quest Type Side
Location Cyseal
Linked Quests - Arhu's Failed Experiment
- The Fabulous Five

The Talking Statues is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. This quest is initiated by reading the Traveler's Journal found on a corpse North of the Cyseal beach where you first start the game.

Important NPCs



  • +1050 XP / demon
  • +2100 XP for quest completion



  1. Obtain & Read Traveler's Journal
  2. Talk to the Beggar in Cyseal
  3. Complete The Fabulous Five / Arhu's Failed Experiment
  4. Leave the cave to the Northwest
  5. Talk to any of the Statues
  6. Destroy each Statue with that elemental spell.
  7. Defeat all 4 Demons
  8. Free Bellegar, the imprisoned wizard from the cave.



  • Walk North from where you start the game to find a corpse with a Traveler's Journal on him. Upon reading it your characters will engage in a dialogue. Complete it to gain +1 Pragmatic/ Romantic.
  • Find the beggar in Cyseal. He is usually by an abandoned building East of Esmeralda's Shop. Converse with him for +1 Spiritual / Materialistic.
  • Complete the side quests: The Fabulous Five / Arhu's Failed Experiment
  • Travel straight to the end of the cave and head Northwest from there.
  • Speak with the statues to update the quest. Then use the corresponding elemental spell on each of the statues. (Fire, Water, Earth and Air)
  • With each statue, an elemental demon of the same type will spawn. Kill all 4 demons. (Note: Using same type elemental attack on a demon heals them. E.g. Fire spell on Fire Demon will heal him).
  • You will see an entrance to the cave where Bellegar is imprisoned. Go inside to rescue him and complete the quest.

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