Zombie is a Talent in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. 




  • Lets you heal from poison but causes damage from regular healing.
  • Grants you 200% status_effect_Poisoned.pngPoison resistance.
  • Only other way of healing is sleeping in bed or draining blood with Leech talent.
  • Temporary Constitution increasing effects will still "heal" when fading. 
  • Food or spells that normally heal will instead deal damage.

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    • Anonymous

      08 Dec 2020 16:10  

      can confirm my first time playing picked this during character creation , he died twice during the tutorial because there was not poison and all the enemies are undead so his leech didnt proc

      • Anonymous

        04 Jul 2020 19:10  

        How do you build around this talent? Always wanted to try it but nothing viable comes to mid, I already see my zombie exploding like a total b***h

        • Anonymous

          15 Mar 2018 04:46  

          Its easy to get poison bottle or poison food : take a poison barrel which can be trough maps put it near your favorite crafting area (or if his weight is not a problem carry it) and combine the barrel with the empty bottle/food for unlimited "poison heals"

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