Zombie is a Talent in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. 




  • Lets you heal from poison but causes damage from regular healing.
  • Grants you 200% status_effect_Poisoned.pngPoison resistance.
  • Only other way of healing is sleeping in bed or draining blood with Leech talent.
  • Temporary Constitution increasing effects will still "heal" when fading. 
  • Food or spells that normally heal will instead deal damage.

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    • Anonymous

      For those interesting in Zombie talent but are in lost how to get healing early on, it's rather simple, summon spider bleed poison so you can use it with great benefits.

      • Anonymous

        can confirm my first time playing picked this during character creation , he died twice during the tutorial because there was not poison and all the enemies are undead so his leech didnt proc

        • Anonymous

          How do you build around this talent? Always wanted to try it but nothing viable comes to mid, I already see my zombie exploding like a total b***h

          • Anonymous

            Its easy to get poison bottle or poison food : take a poison barrel which can be trough maps put it near your favorite crafting area (or if his weight is not a problem carry it) and combine the barrel with the empty bottle/food for unlimited "poison heals"

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