Leandra is a level ?? Boss in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.





Combat Mechanics

Classic Mode
  • Leandra can summon Void Knights that will keep their distance during Phase 1 & will become melee characters during Phase 2 & Phase 3. See below for details regarding the phases:

  • PHASE 1: Leandra summons 3 demons.
    • Vaeg'rym makes Aern'vuul invulnerable.
    • Aern'vuul makes Yarl'oggoth invulnerable
    • Yarl'oggoth makes Leandra invulnerable
    • Leandra can make your characters staticons_Blind.pngBlinded, staticons_Cursed.pngCursed or staticons_Slowed.pngSlowed

  • PHASE 2: (When all Phase 1 summons are dead or Leandra's HP <60%) Leandra summons an Arcane Vortex that will teleport your characters into harmful surfaces.

  • PHASE 3: (When all Phase 2 summons are dead or Leandra's HP <30%) Leandra becomes a melee fighter and summons a Magic Ward that makes her immune to elemental damage.

Tactician Mode
  • The Void Knights can use Banish Summon.

Tips & Tricks

  • Kill Vaeg'rym, Aern'vuul and then Yarl'oggoth in that order to complete Phase 1.

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