Raddagoth is a level 6 Boss in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.




Level 6
Difficulty Normal
Location Cyseal


Combat Mechanics

Classic Mode

  • Raddagoth will first summon 5 Sand Golems (Using 5 AP).
  • After that, he casts Skill Air InvisibleSelfInvisibility on himself and will remain invisible as much as he can.
  • He can Boost on the strongest golem
  • He can also statIcons BlindBlind & statIcons CursedCurse
  • If you or your summons get too close, he will use Charm as a defense mechanism.

Tactician Mode

  • Golems die after 6-8 turns


Tips & Tricks

  • 2100 XP when killed. Golems give no XP.

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    • Anonymous

      Is there any Quest associated with this guy? If you don't talk to him and let him go first (ie, if you just walk up to him tanning on the beach and use CC on him) the guy doesn't get an opportunity to summon the sand boys, and its a simple task.

      • Anonymous

        he is resistant to fire but seems air harm him, also casting ice under him to knock him down works too, they use lots of knock down arrows and stun lighting spells.

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