Raddagoth is a level 6 Boss in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.




Level 6
Difficulty Normal
Location Cyseal

Combat Mechanics

Classic Mode

  • Radagoth will first summon 5 Sand Golems (Using 5 AP).
  • After that, he casts Skill_Air_Invisibleself.jpgInvisibility on himself and will remain invisible as much as he can.
  • He can Boost on the strongest golem
  • He can also statIcons_blind.pngBlind & statIcons_cursed.pngCurse
  • If you or your summons get too close, he will use Charm as a defense mechanism.

Tactician Mode

  • Golems die after 6-8 turns


Tips & Tricks

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    • Anonymous

      02 Sep 2017 07:43  

      he is resistant to fire but seems air harm him, also casting ice under him to knock him down works too, they use lots of knock down arrows and stun lighting spells.

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