Roy's Menagerie

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Side
Location Luculla Forest
Linked Quests The Troll's Bounty

Roy's Menagerie is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. This quest can be started when you come across Roy and his animals at a campfire in the prairies just north of Luculla Forest-Goblin Village Portal.

Important NPCs

  • Roy
  • Doreen (Cow)
  • Timfred (Rabbit)



  • +11,445 XP



  1. Talk to Roy
  2. Warn to Doreen
  3. Warn Timfred
  4. Convince Roy to free the animals
  5. Decide where to send the animals



  • Speak with Roy about his animals to learn he is about to slaughter them.
  • Then speak with Doreen the cow and warn her that she and her husband are about to be slaughtered. She will ask you to help them.
  • Repeat the same for Timfred (Rabbit). (He will be useful later on in the The Troll's Bounty quest.)
  • Convince Roy to let the animals go. You can either pay him, convince him through RPS game or kill him.
  • Then speak with the animals after convincing Roy. Let them know they are free to go and choose to send them back to Cyseal or to the Dark Forest. You will meet this animals again in the future.

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    • Potential experience. Talk to Roy and learn he's going to kill the animals. Talk to Doreen to let her know (3,150 XP). Talk to Roy with someone who doesn't have Pet Pal and engage and win the mini game (3,150 XP, 4,500 XP). While in conversation have your Pet Pal character talk to Doreen again and tell her to go somewhere (4,500 XP) and when finished kill the 4 animals (30 XP each). Put Oil down where Roy runs off and finish talking to Roy and kill him as he escapes (2,865 XP.. this is hard to do took me a few times to get a critical on him).

      Total of 13,785 XP for the quest/sequence. You will not get 4,500 XP from talking to Doreen if you kill Roy before you talk to her, has to be alive, so you have to kill Roy last.

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