Source Nightmare is a level ?? Boss in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.

Source Nightmare



Black Cove (Cyseal)

Combat Mechanics

Classic Mode
  • The Source Nightmare sucks one beam of water from the sea on the very first turn. Then it will randomly suck up to 4 beams, allowing it to charge up its water power - 4-charge spell will be the strongest.
  • If everyone is out of range of the Boss's water attacks, it will summon Spiderlings and use ranged attacks.

Tactician Mode
  • The Nightmare has a Crawling Infestation skill -- a debuff that, after 1 turn, kills its victim and spawns 2 blood creatures. Crawling Infestation can be dispelled using skill_fire_Purifyingfire.jpg Purifying Fire.

Tips & Tricks

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    • Anonymous

      How to kill Source Nightmare easily:
      1. There is a large rock that is down-right to the Source Nightmare. Get all your characters to hide behind it.
      2. Ungroup your fastest character. Send him/her to trigger the battle.
      3. When it is the separated character's turn, make him/her run back to the rest of the group.
      4. From there, the Source Nightmare can't attack you directly (It will try to but end up hitting the rock) and will summon 3 crabs to fight for him. However, they are fairly easy to defeat.
      5. You can either summon stuff to fight the Source Nightmare for you or go out from behind the rock, use a long-range attack, and run back behind the rock.
      6. Repeat until it's dead!

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