The Legend Of The Weresheep

Quest Type Side
Location Cyseal
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The Legend Of The Weresheep is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. This quest is started by reading the book "The Legend Of The Weresheep" which you can find in a mound by the old church in Cyseal.

What is a weresheep? That is what the quest is all about.
NOTE: Pet Pal Talent is required for this quest.

Important NPCs

  • Weresheep Ghost



  • + 12,600 XP



  1. Find the book - The Legend Of The Weresheep
  2. Find and Read the notes of the last Weresheep
  3. Speak with the ghost of the last Weresheep
  4. Find the Weresheep Recipe
  5. Craft Weresheep Armor



  • The book "The Legend Of The Weresheep" can be found in the graveyard, to the West of the old church in Cyseal. You can see a small mound (if you have high enough Perception). Using a shovel on it will discover the book hidden there. Read the book to start the quest.
    • It is at the front of the first two tombs after the fire traps as you enter the graveyard (In honour mode I needed 11 perception to spot it.)
  • Inside Boreas's Treasure Room in Hiberheim Castle, you can find on one of the tables a note labelled "The Last Weresheep". Read it to update the quest.
  • Next you need to speak with the ghost of the Weresheep. You can find the ghost inside Maradino's Cave. It will appear once you dig up a mound. You will need to have Pet Pal Talent to speak with it.
    • This cave is below Sacred Stone, first, go to the snow portal on the left, on the other side the Weresheep will be in the portal room. (need 11 or 12 perception to see it in honour)
    • Completing the portal puzzle will lock you out of this area.
  • In the laboratory in Maradino's Lair, you will find a note called "Weresheep Recipe". Read it to find out that the Weresheep likes Stardust and that its body will be found in the Dark Forest.
    • You get here through a hidden hatch between the goblin camp and the desert area. (Related quest with Frederic)
  • Make your way to the Kickstarter Tree in Dark Forest and place a Stardust Herb on the ground in front of the the Tree to summon the Weresheep. You will need its wool to complete the quest. There are 2 ways of getting it:
    • Option A - Kill it.
    • Optioin B - Convince it to give you the wool. If you lose the game, you will still have to fight it.
  • To complete the Quest, head over to the Elemental Forge in Hiberheim and use the Weresheep Woo with the Forge to craft yourself some weresheep armor.

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