A Mysterious Murder

Quest Giver
Location Cyseal
Suggested Level 1
Next Quest The Councillor's Wife
Previous Quest  

A Mysterious Murder is a main Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. In this quest you are tasked with solving a murder.

Important NPCs



  1. Meet Arhu and the captain Aureus at the Legion Headquarters building in the North-Eastern part of the city.
  2. Investigate the scene of crime.
  3. Investigate Roberts at the Mortician's Morgue.
  4. Complete The Councillor's Wife quest.
  5. Question Esmeralda after completion of the above quest.
  6. Go to Thelyron's Healing House to find a key to Evelyn's house in her backpack
  7. Speak with Thelyron to get location of Evelyn's house
  8. Loot Evelyn's house to find her Diary and read it.
  9. Use Reveal Spell to find a hidden lab near Northern Beach
  10. Kill the cultist who tries to run away to warn others of your arrival
  11. Defeat Evelyn
  12. Talk to Zombie Jake to obtain name of his murderer



(First Half)

  • The quest can be started when you meet Arhu at the entrance gates of Cyseal, after you have completed your Orc Fight on the Beach.
  • Arhu will update your journal and ask you to meet him and the Captain Aureus at the Legion Headquarters in the North-Eastern part of town.
  • Go to the Legion HQ and speak with Aureus to obtain permission to investigate the crime scene.
  • Then go upstairs and speak with Arhu (who will be in a cat form). He will give you more information regarding the murder and guide you to speak with Roberts at the Mortician's Morgue.
  • Go to the scene of crime at the King Crab Tavern (it is lying in the westernmost room on the lower floor of the Tavern). The moment you enter the room, one of either 2 things will happen :
    • IF you have NOT yet completed the Side Quest: The Apprentice and the Stone, you will be teleported to the End of Time, where you learn about Homestead.
    • IF you have already completed the above Side Quest, then you will be shown a new room called the Hall of Heroes, where you can choose and manage the companions that journey with you.
  • When you return to the Tavern, you will find the body has already been taken away by the undertaker. You must break open or pick (using lockpicks) the chest in the room to obtain a letter that will serve as evidence later on.
  • You then need to go to the Mortician's Morgue and speak with Roberts, the undertaker. To convince him to talk with you, you will need to steal his ledger from the bottom floor and then speak with him about your findings in his ledger to initiate a mini-game. Win the game and then obtain a list of people Roberts suspects.
  • Then speak with Captain Aureus to tell him about Roberts. NOTE: Since Aureus is also a suspect, if you confront him about that, he will lose his temper.
  • Then head to Esmeralda's shop in the marketplace and question her about the letter to trigger The Councillor's Wife quest. (You must complete it first before you can proceed to solve the murder.)

(Second Half)

  • After completing the above quest, go to Thelyron's Healing House to confront Evelyn. You will find Thelyron there who tells you that Evelyn left in a hurry, and then upon further questioning reveals to you the location of Evelyn's house.
  • Search through Evelyn's backpack to a key to her house.
  • Go to her house and open the chest to the right to find a Reveal Spell. This spell will come in handy to find her hidden lab.
  • On the shelf in her house, find a journal, which you can read to find that the hidden lab is located somewhere to the north of Cyseal.
  • At Northwestern beach, you will find the hidden lab. Your companions will tell you you're near the hidden lab but mention they can't see it anywhere.
  • You will need to stand near the torches next to the rocks and use the Reveal Spell you found earlier in Evelyn's house. This will reveal the entrance to the hidden lab.
  • The lab itself is rather straightforward with only 3 rooms inside. You will engage in a fight in each room.
  • At the last room, you will encounter Evelyn. She will summon Level 6 undead enemies to assist her.
  • TIPS : Fire-based attacks work best against most these enemie EXCEPT the rams. The rams can explode when they die, so they should be your priority target. Also fire or acid based attacks actually heal them so those attacks are to be avoided. Evelyn's main attack is the use of 3 spells in a row. After the rams explode, she loses a substantial amount of HP so defeating her should not be too difficult at that point.
  • After the battle ends, speak with Zombie Jake who tells you about his murderer.


Tips & Tricks

  • You should try trading with Zombie Jake in the end as he has some good gear to start with
  • Try to level up to around level 6~8 before seeking the hidden lab. You can do so by doing the various side quests that present themselves to you.

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    • Anonymous

      So I found a way to break the quest: Pick up the chest in the inn Sell the chest to a random trader who will take anything.

      • Anonymous

        In case anyone has done the quests out of order and Thelyron / Evelyn are missing from his house, you can find Evelyns house at X:236 Y:110 located in one of the small buildings behind Thelyrons house.

        • Anonymous

          I defeated Evelyn by using a lightning bolt before the dialog starts so i stunned her e used various stunning and knock down skills until she was dead, she didn't moved a single finger :D

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