Fire! Fire! Fire!

Quest Type Side
Location Cyseal Docks
Linked Quests  

Fire! Fire! Fire! is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. The quest is initiated when you walk into the Cyseal Docks the first time. You will see a ship on fire and a few people standing next to it panicking. You will have a few seconds to put it out or you fail the quest.

Important NPCs



  • +1 Reputation
  • + 900 XP



  1. Put out the Fire.



  • You can use the Rain Scroll that you got in the tutorial dungeon here to put out the fire. If you don't do it quick enough, you will fail the quest and will not get any XP.
  • If you don't have a Rain spell, you can use Jahan if you have already recruited him to your party. He has a Rain skill.
  • You can also select the Rain spell as one of your main characters' starting skills. As it synergizes well with Freezing Touch (another good starting spell), this can be a good combo for a Hydrosophist start.

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