Jahan is a level 3 Wizard who may become your Companion in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.

Jahan Information

Jahan can be found in Mayor Cecil's House in Cyseal, reading in the library on the second floor. Even though he is a wizard, Jahan despises Dark Magic, as he has had bad experiences in the past.

As you play with him in your party, you will discover that almost 1000 years ago he used to be a prince, powerful and handsome, who fell in love with a woman only for her to leave him. As she left him, he became ill, and found his powers incapable of curing his ailment.

Desperate, he summoned the demon Balberith, who reveals Jahan's beloved to be a demon and bargains with him for his soul in exchange for 1000 years of life. Since then, Jahan has sought to find a way to reclaim his soul.




Talent_elementalaffinity.jpgElemental Affinity

Lowers the Action Point cost of spells by 1 when standing in a surface of the same element.

Talent_FarOutMan.jpgFar Out Man

Increases the range of spells and scrolls by 2.0m.


Grants players a bonus point in Blacksmithing and one in Crafting.

Starting Skills



Heal 36 vitality on a target for 3 turns.
Cause Status Effect status_effect_Healing.pngHealing.


Creates water puddles on terrain, douses fires, and makes characters wet.
Wet makes target less resistant to air spells but more resistant to fire spells.
Cause Status Effect statIcons_Wet.png Wet.

bitter_cold_small.jpgBitter Cold

Freeze a target. Frozen makes a target unable to move or act, but it gains increased Armour Rating and Fire Resistance.
Cause Status Effect statIcons_Frozen.pngFrozen.

blitz_bolt_small.jpgBlitz Bolt

Shoot a bolt of electricity that deals 26-28 air damage. Stunned makes target unable to move or act. Can target some surfaces and clouds to electrify them.
Cause Status Effect statIcons_Stunned.pngStunned.

Shocking_Touch_small.jpgShocking Touch

Electrify a target at arm's length. Deals 12-13 air damage. Stunned makes target unable to move or act.
Cause Status Effect statIcons_Stunned.pngStunned.


Throw an item or character up high and drop it to the ground, dealing 31-38 crushing damage. Target can be moved 17.0m away from its position. Select item or character first, then select its destination.


Wizards are your shoot but don't get shot class in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. Wizards are the weakest defensively, but they make up for this by having a high offensive capability.

  1. Wizards are most effective when partnered with Knight or Fighter class party members who can absorb all enemy damage towards themselves.
  2. Wizards have special ability to specialize in elements of your choice. Though it is best to have an extra element ready as backup for enemies who are immune to your main elemental attacks.
  3. Wizards can work with other party members to set up environmental traps (e.g. Setting fire to an oily surface made by an Enchanter)

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    • Anonymous

      I personally see him with a Shield and melee weapon for Melee Power Stance and Elemental Tortoise, winged feet may be nice to have for early elemental affinity.
      Basic concept is close range mage with bunch of cheep AP skills that when combined with elemental affinity and high intelligence will make him insanely efficient. I guess early game using bow for special arrows can be rather strong as utility as well. For perks I will consider Zombie in addition to high fire resistance, leech may be nice for durability but if using witchcraft its waste of affinity. Using shield spells can make this to another level of efficiency.

      • Anonymous

        I hate 2 wasted CON and 1 PER points he has. Mages suffer so much if they splash their early attributes, so better off start with a dedicated 11 INT mage yourself. Everything else about him is very good, but 3 wasted attributes are too much of a drawback IMO. Even in the late game CC mages in oppose to DD mages don't need CON at all.

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