Astarte is the goddess of everything ever and you will love her always even if you don't.

She will fight alongside you against the final boss.

You shouldn't let her die, or get low on health. Ever.

She also dies if you don't protect her constantly every chance you get.

You really don't want her to die because if she dies you lose everything.

She cannot be resurrected.

The fight will not continue without her, it will end the second she dies.

    • Anonymous

      14 May 2018 05:30  

      An excellently written character if I've ever seen one. Her encouraging words all throughout the game inspired me and kept me going, truly one of the greatest mentors in video games. My favourite of scene she is in has to be when she keeps dying if you don't focus all your efforts into healing her. Not to mention the payoff after the fight is over, when, after painstakingly cheesing the fuck out of the shittiest final boss possible because dearest Astarte cannot survive on her own for a single goddamn turn, she seals it in a 10 second cutscene. You would think the game would have the common sense to end at that point but fuck you you have to talk to bad touch zandalor and broken AIcara for one last fucking time before cutting to credits. Good game, fuck the writers, fuck the programmers and fuck you too.

      • Anonymous

        14 May 2018 05:21  

        10/10 would cast 4 meteorite scrolls again.
        Fuck this game, fuck this fight, fuck this character, fuck anyone reading this.

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