Bairdotr is a level 3 Ranger who may become your Companion in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.


Bairdotr Information

Bairdotr can be found jailed near the Legion Headquarters in Cyseal. Unaware of social norms and somewhat savage, she was restrained because she bit a Legionnaire in the face when he surprised her by approaching from behind .

As you play with her in your party, you will discover that she was living in Homeforest and was raised by a bear to be fast and strong and thus survive the laws of nature. At one point she met the wizard Jareth who made her realize she was human and helped her develop her social behavior, however he was captured by the witch Attenberah, who she now seeks to find.

  • Personal Quest: The Wild Woman and the Renegade - it comes to a close in the Phantom Forest
  • IMPORTANT: You must have the Indepent trait on one of your main characters that she's allied to and teach her to not be obedient or she will leave your party.
    • To teach her to be free, have her in your party after you complete The Initiation, or at the point where the main story reveals your guardian's mistake in their watch. They say that Gods make mistakes and that its good to be free.




Talent_arrowrecovery.jpgArrow Recovery

Grants +33% chance to recover shot Special Arrows.



+50% damage against opponents that are status_effect_slowed.png Slowed , status_effect_Crippled.png Crippled or status_effect_Knocked_Down.png Knocked Down .
Only works with melee or ranged weapons; not with spells.


Decreases everyone's attitude towards you by 25, but melee opponents will find you less attractive in combat.

Starting Skills



Fire a normal arrow that deals 100% weapon (piercing) damage and then forks off to the next target up to 4 times within 8.0m.
Damage dealt depends on your weapon's damage rating

treat_poisoning_small.jpgTreat Poisoning

Cures Poison on one target.
Target gains 100% poison resistance for 2 turns.

ranged_power_Stance_small.jpgRanged Power Stance

Improve damage with Bows and Crossbows at the cost of precision. (Toggle Stance)
Lasts until cancelled or replaced by another stance.


Rangers are the second-in-line damage inducing class in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. They attack from long distances using poisonous attacks which are very effective against a large majority of enemies you will come across.

  1. Rangers can and should also be equipped with elemental effect arrows which you find throughout your journey. These can be very helpful against certain types of enemies.
  2. Rangers have very low defense and as such should avoid face to face combat, especially against stronger enemies. It is best to keep on the move to avoid such confrontations and attack from behind friendly lines.
  3. Rangers are also expertised in a wide range of skills such as Blacksmithing, Crafting and Loremaster, making them very useful to your adventure outside combat.

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    • Anonymous

      A filthy traitor, had her in my party all the time, still turned on me, felt good to land the killing blow.

      • Anonymous

        Good and beefy early on - stat distribution is really nice for aggro parties with less CC, average talents though. Bully is neat early but kind of a waste later on because archers excel with skills in the end, not auto-attacks. Arrow recovery is a little economy bonus because you can sell some, but it is very minor. You usually bath in those arrows by the end of the game, having ~20 of each type... Stench is fine. Overall a good companion and also she has an extra in the tenebrium so she can reach 3 easier and saves 2 attribute points here.

        • Anonymous

          Wonder why she got so few abilities compared to some of the other companions. They could at least have given her an adept marksman ability or something.

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