Madora is a level 3 Knight who may become your Companion in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.


Madora Information

Madora can be foundin the King Crab Tavern in Cyseal. She states her dislike for all magics and source magic upfront, and will reveal her dark relationship with it during gameplay.

As you play with her in your party, you will discover that she was used to be a Source Hunter in Hunter's Edge, but was incapable of saving anyone when the Orcs attacked including herself, and barely escaped death by crawling out of the shallow grave her assailants had given her. After enduring horrid torture and losing an eye and being left for dead, she grasped in helpless anger and held onto the gift a boy villager had given her, which turned out to be a Blood Stone that healed her whole. She now seeks to become strong and face the Orc who assaulted the town.

  • Personal Quest: Revenge of the Source Hunter - grants Achievement/Trophy Sister of Mercy
  • Make sure to have the Forgiving Trait, and to teach Madora to be tolerant or you will not get the achievement.
  • Talk points for Madora, you must contradict her: Tell her off for being mean about the Imp at The End of Time; Take her to the quest in Cyseal with the man and his charmed orc, let them stay together; Take her to the Mines in Luculla Forest and meet MIkas with her, Take her to Hiberheim and save the Rock Elemental trapped in a crystal and forgive him; Talk to the slave the two orcs are holding just near the Goblin Village waypoint in Luculla Forest; Talk to the humans in Hunter's Edge and tell her to be patient.
    • This is list still incomplete, please add more if you know them.


After the sparkmaster -> Fortunately for us, no one did ask you, Madora. No magician is perfect, and this little fiasco doesn't justify a wholesale rejection of all wizarding kind.

After talking to the grieving orc -> What kind of Source Hunter can't show an ounce of compassion to someone so obviously bereft?

After killing Victoria and telling Eglandear -> I won't deny responsibility for Victoria's death, but I hardly see this case as a cause for special celebration. Victoria was no Sourcerer.

Decide to kill the Charmed orc -> It's hardly the union itself to which I'm opposed - merely that, if that love potion wore off, she might turn violent.
Decide to spare the Charmed Orc -> Does the thought of interbreeding sicken you so? For my part, the union itself is hardly a problem, and I'd claim that anyone opposed to the couple on those grounds is small-minded indeed.

Talk to Thelyron about the healing stone -> Given your penchant for spotting Source in Cyseal's every harmless cranny, such an accusation holds little weight.

After talking to a guard next to a zapper -> 'Doomsday device'? 'Source sapphire'? Why don't we keep along this 'poisonous path' and carry on with our 'insidious investigation.' Meanwhile, Madora, keep the crackpot commentary to yourself.

After leaving the homestead for the first time -> If what Zixzax says is true and we really are affecting the tapestry of time, I certainly want to know more!

Luculla Forest:

After talking to Lawrence -> Your paranoia becomes increasingly tiresome by the day, Madora.

Then go to Norok, and let Madora talk to forgive him.



Talent_comebackkid.jpgComeback Kid

Immunity to 1 hit-KOs. An enemy's killing blow will leave you with just 1 HP - instead of death.
You must have more than 1 HP before the hit for it to work.


Grants players ability to perform attacks of opportunity.

Talent_whatarush.jpgWhat a Rush

Increases recovery and maximum Action Points by 2 when your health is below 30%.

Starting Skills


battering_ram_Small.jpgBattering Ram

Rush forward in a straight line to a point far away, hitting all enemies in your path with X-Y slashing damage.


crushing_fist_small.jpgCrushing Fist

An enormous fist smashes your enemy and knocks them down. Deals X - Y damage.


dust_devil_small.jpgDust Devil

Spin around with your weapon and hit all adjacent enemies for 90% weapon damage.


helping_hand_small.jpgHelping Hand

Help a Knocked Down ally up, or pat out a Burning one.


melee_power_Stance_small.jpgMelee Power Stance

Increase both the damage of your melee attacks and your movement speed at the cost of your precision. (Toggle Stance.)
Lasts until cancelled or replaced by another stance.



  1. Knights are defaulted to two-handed weapons and should be kept that way as their armor more than makes up for a lack of shield.
  2. Knights also have slightly more in their arsenal than Fighters as they can carry healing magic spells.
  3. Weapon skills should be the focus of development of skills as you progress in the game as Knights are melee fighters.

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