Wolgraff is a level 3 Rogue who may become your Companion in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.



Wolgraff can be found in the tunnels under the cemetery in Cyseal. A victim of a Sourcerer's attack on his youth, Wolgraff cannot speak and has gotten by thieving, although he never steals from the poor.

As you play with him, you will discover he has a magical Quill that he stole from the house of the wizard in Hunter's Edge, where you will also find a mute dog who can trigger Wolgraff's personal quest.

Personal Quest: A voice in the Wilderness - it can be triggered by the rabbit near the Silverglen exit in Cyseal




Allows a character to backstab with daggers, knives, rondels and rapiers. (+ Chance to Critical)


Talent_lightstepper.jpgLight Stepper

Grants players +2 Perception bonus for detecting traps and secrets.



Allows you to flee combat even when enemies are right next to you.
Incompatible with Courageous Talent

Starting Skills


razors_edge_Small.jpgRazor's Edge

Stun a target. Deals 50% weapon damage.
12 turn(s) Cooldown, 2.4m Range

fast_track_small.jpgFast Track

Become hastened for a short while
Hastened boosts the target's maximum AP by 3, starting AP by 3 and recovery AP by2, Hastened also improves movement speed

walk_in_shadows_small.jpgWalk in Shadows

Become one with the shadows.
100% base chance to cause Status Effect Invisible for 5 turns

Cloak_and_dagger_small.jpgCloak and dagger

Jump to target location, leaving behind a smokescreen.
Knockdown makes a target unable to move or act. Damage dealt depends on your main weapon's damage rating.


Rogues are the sneakiest class in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. They use stealth to their advantage by launching unexpected attacks on unsuspecting enemies.

  1. Rogues can even deal more damage than a Fighter if used properly and equipped with the right items. However, they lack armor, making them very susceptible to a quick wipe-out.
  2. To make a rogue into a damage dealer, increase the Dual Wielding skill and equip dual daggers. Make sure to back-stab, which is a 100% critical chance.
  3. Be wary of your surroundings and always have an escape plan ready for in case you are detected. Invisibility skills and potions are very useful.
  4. Rogues are especially useful for getting free stuff from Pickpocketing with little risk involved of engaging in combat.

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    • Anonymous

      In Single-Player mode, with my initial companion's AI set to "Judge", the companion vetos my recruitment of Wolgraff, with no rock-paper-scissors option to overrule them :-(

      • Anonymous

        If someone avoided all of the early scenes that trigger Wolgraff to comment on stuff and speedran to get his voice back, then went back to the beginning of the game with him, would Wolgraff actually speak in Luculla and Cyseal instead of writing notes? Does he have voice lines recorded for those events?

        • Anonymous

          If you find Wolfraff dying very often as a melee then you can spec him as a dual wand user and go 1:1 speed:perception ratio. Back stabber is kinda lost this way but on the other hand perception crit chance is not going to waste and 2 ponts scoundrel is still good for winged feet cost reduction and grabbing 5 novice skills instead of 3.

          • Anonymous

            I have loot of thinking on party and what not and in the end it ended differently then what one can imagine.
            First of he does not have 4 strength in my version of game he have 5 strength.
            As i have wander in party i decided grandees and related perks to be dedicated to it for it use damage buffs that are global.

            When it come to perk Sidestep it really good (actual 10% compered to melee stance that's actually only 0.2) if you custom make a rogue but as he is really limited with number of remaining perks i don't recommend it.

            What I taken firstly is a bully, reason is bully work on all things mentioned compered to bow and wands that only work on knocked down opponents.
            Second I have taken a morning person, reason is mostly related to party setup so it can maximize on offense and resurrect placement is actual benefits the way as well. In some other situation I mostly be interested at this point for Parry Master and then leech, Opportunist or even Pinpoint.

            As for attributes I invested up to 9 speed and then started investing into constitution so to not make him to urgent to spend AP to stay alive, also considering most of his items are Dexterity focused and counting on some speed on future high level dangers in combination with lower Ap cost on lvl 5 DW it should be decently rounded.
            Most of items focus on dexterity and Movement and then on resistances and immunities. The damage is good as long as you have good crafter in the party to support.
            When it come to his nasty deeds it is really fun and it does need investment, thing is if you can find +1 DW item that alone can save you loot and enable you to focus on sub skills more early. Aside such bonuses can be crafted on your items.
            I was rather surprised how much you need to accomplish some pickpocketing on some NPC in second stage, up to at least 5 sneak and 6 pickpocket which is astonish compering to regular npc. This is actually not much if you have dedicated items and crafted aditional bonus so you ahve all on each item but it will still need investment.
            Regarding his primary Scoundrelly skill, honestly you can do with lvl 2 scoundrel and still have massive number of attack skills if you delete some redundant and high requirement skills. First of 1 point in Man-At-Arms for movement, helping hand and melee power stance. Loots of movement from items make skills Ap and requirements unreasonable in comparison. Now finally when able investing Aerotheurge for nether swap, the teleport, thunder jump and loots of things don't really need intelligence but also open up some benefits if you do have. This of course need you lvl 3 Aerotheurge and high level to be able to use nether swap so until then don't really bother with this idea.

            • Anonymous

              As dual wielder he can be sort of saved because attribute points on weapons.
              I'm looking at some leech, zombie melee for a party and Medora cant really do much, he on other hand with Become air and witchcraft invariability can probably do something more. For a melee in this game you really can not get more benefits easily. Using strong weapon in offhand other then dagger and attribute on the weapons make for much of it. Getting in action fast and ignoring ground effects is huge bonus, regarding AP. and speed you cant really do more, I guess adding some block in addition to dexterity defense rating and some cheep skill power up is also saving grace. Is not easy to do much in most parties with melee.

              • Anonymous

                I don't see it why people think his skillset sucks. The only "bad" thing he has is an escapist, which can be abused as a hit and run strategy and is actually very good. Light-stepper contributes to his initial high perception, while 7 DEX and 8 SPD is a strong DD setup in a control party. 4 strength kinda blocks him from using Rage early on, but it is not a big deal for dual-wielders who can pick STR from weapon enchants.

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