Weapon Recipes in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition are listed below.

Recipe Required Ingredients Requirements
Nail-Fortified Branch Item_Nine_Inch_Nails_Small.pngNine Inch Nails + Item_Branch_Small.pngBranch Crafting Level 0
Sword of Planets Item_Bottle_of_Swirling_Mud_Small.pngBottle of Swirling Mud + Item_Fiery_Heart_Small.pngFiery Heart Crafting Level 0
Wooden Stake Item_Log_Small.pngLog + Item_Knife_Small.pngKnife Crafting Level 0
Axe Item_Steel_Bar_Small.pngSteel Bar + Item_Anvil_Small.pngAnvil Blacksmithing Level 1
Dagger Item_Knife_Small.pngKnife + Item_Anvil_Small.pngAnvil Blacksmithing Level 1
Sword Item_Iron_Bar_Small.pngIron Bar + Item_Anvil_Small.pngAnvil Blacksmithing Level 1
Two-Handed Sword Item_Large_Iron_Bar_Small.pngLarge Iron Bar + Item_Anvil_Small.pngAnvil Blacksmithing Level 1
Bow Item_Bowstring_Small.pngBowstring + Item_Branch_Small.pngBranch Crafting Level 1
Spear Item_Branch_Small.pngBranch + Dagger Crafting Level 1
Voodoo Doll Inert Voodoo Doll + Item_Pixie_Dust_Small.pngPixie Dust Crafting Level 1
Two-Handed Axe Item_Large_Steel_Bar_Small.pngLarge Steel Bar + Item_Anvil_Small.pngAnvil Blacksmithing Level 2
Buffalo Sabre Buffalo Amulet + Old Sabre Crafting Level 2
Crossbow Item_Crossbow_Without_a_Bowstring_Small.pngCrossbow Without a Bowstring + Item_Bowstring_Small.pngBowstring Crafting Level 2
Staff Item_Branch_Small.pngBranch + Item_Branch_Small.pngBranch Crafting Level 2
Shambling Oak Death Wand Item_Branch_Small.pngBranch + Item_Tenebrium_Ore_Small.pngTenebrium Ore Crafting Level 5

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