A Forge of Souls

Quest Giver
Location Dark Forest
Suggested Level 18+
Next Quest Inside the Source Temple
Previous Quest Follow the Wizard

A Forge of Souls is a main Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. You will be tasked with repairing a broken Soul Forge between Icara( the White Witch) and her sister Leandra.

This quest can be initiated by speaking with Icara the White Witch at Homestead after having completed the quest Find the Witch and Eternal Winter.

Important NPCs



  • 39,000 XP?
  • Soulforge Repair Ritual
  • Coffinfeeder (chance of drop from Cassandra)



  1. Obtain Phantom Protection Amulet and Titan Dictionary from quest Follow the Wizard
  2. Meet Cassandra at the Dark Forest
  3. Kill Arhu or Kill Cassandra



  • When you speak with Icara the White Witch at Homestead, she will tell you she is seeking to repair the soul-forge between her and her sister Leandra. To do this, you need to meet Cassandra, who claims to be able to do just that.
  • After finding Cassandra in the Dark Forest, she will tell you that she knows how to help you but will only reveal this to you if you do her a favour. She will ask you to kill Arhu.
  • You now have 2 options: -


  • Option 1 - Kill Arhu
  • Arhu is found in Cyseal, above the Legion HQ in his lab. (Either human or cat form)
  • Killing Arhu will be no easy task. He has a high amount of HP, strong resistances and a very good armor rating. He is a melee-only fighter though and his attacks will not do too much damage if you are at level 18+. The fight will be long, so be prepared.
  • After killing him, return to Cassandra in Dark Forest to earn +12,825 XP and the Soulforge Repair Ritual.


  • Option 2 - Take the Soulforge Repair Ritual from Cassandra
  • Unfortunately, you cannot steal the Soulforge Repair Ritual from Cassandra. The only other way to take it from her is to kill her.
  • To kill her, you need to take a few extra steps before you can fight her.
  • Speak with the Titan Head in the Dark Forest. You can find the Titan Head in the river, directly south of Cassandra. To be able to speak with him though, you will need the Titan Dictionary first from the Wizard's House in Hunter's Edge. Therefore you must have completed the quest Follow the Wizard.
  • The Titan Head will tell you that to kill Cassandra, you will need to destroy the vessel that contains her "Life Force" (i.e. her corpse). Cassandra's corpse is buried deep inside Temple of the Dead and so that is where you will go next.
  • At the Temple of the Dead, you will find a circular altar with a lever close by. By using the lever you will see that only the Dead can enter the Temple of the Dead. Therefore you will need to kill one of your characters on the altar and then hit the lever to teleport that dead character inside the temple. Use your Teleporter Pyramid to regroup.
    • Alternatively, place a Teleporter Pyramid inside one of the corpses on the altar, and then hit the lever. The pyramid will be transported inside. This way you can get inside the temple without killing a character.
  • In the northern end of the temple, you will find Cassandra's grave. It will be behind a fake wall that you can walk through.
  • Dig the grave to reveal the corpse and then burn it using any fire spells.
  • Return to Cassandra to find her unhappy with what you did. She will turn into her lich form and attack you.
  • The fight will happen in 4 phases:
    • Phase 1: She will summon 3 Walking Corpses(Tough but slow) and 2 Headless Corpses (Fast but weaker and blind).
    • Phase 2: When her Vitality drops below 70%, she will summon 3 Bolt-Stricken Corpses and 2 Enchanted Armors.
    • Phase 3: When her Vitality drops below 20%, she will summon a large army of zombies and cast Rage on herself. She will then do melee attacks against you. NOTE: If you just kill Cassandra, the summons will disappear so you don't need to deal with the summons first
    • Phase 4: When her Vitality drops below 15%, she may occasionally cas Meteor Shower.
  • After the fight, you can loot the Soulforge Repair Ritual from her body. There is a slight chance of her dropping a sword named Coffinfeeder as well.

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    • Anonymous

      If you happen to have [magical unlock scroll] then free Arhu. He's gonna one shot Cassandra and mop floor with her ashes xD otherwise you get the key after she dies

      • Anonymous

        EPIC ENCOUNTER MOD SPOILERS: If anyone is thinking about fighting Cassandra with the epic encounters mod on honor mode, I highly suggest having at least 50% fire resistance and 1.3k+hp before trying to kill one of her two helpers. Cassandra uses finger of death and that spell hit me for around 1.1k with 17% tenebrium resistance. Cassandra also uses some poison spell that slings 3 undead limbs and it hits pretty hard, it hit for about 600-700dmg. Though as she might not use this spell frequently, she uses it right after finger of death which can cause her to combo-kill one of your characters in her opener. Cassandra also uses the greater invisibility spell occasionally, so it makes it a bit hard to target her unless you have the perception trait to see invisible enemies. So if you have any melee characters, i'd advise you to either have the perception trait, some class to do a dot(bleed, poison, fire) or have a ranger pop an explosive arrow underneath her to make her visible throughout your turn. Tried to kill this *****, but I don't know what happened lmao. I killed one of her helpers, the ones that heal themselves and her, and she hit me with a double demon proc, killing my last character right afterwards. That char had 30% fire resist with 1170hp. I was right next to one of her helpers so maybe their corpses explode into an aoe curse and weaken or slow effect, causing her to proc her demon trait twice. Their heals are insane so i'd try to kill the helpers first because they do ****ing decaying touch and can do a hefty amount of damage with just decaying touch+any heal. Tried this on lonewolf so I only had two chars + arhu which he helps a bunch, but couldn't help enough, because this ****ign **** also likes to heal the character thats decaying, so if you ever get low on health be extremely careful. One of my characters got hit with silenced/weakened and decaying. The helpers and arhu included, then proceeded to heal my decayed character and that really ****ed over one of em. After my buddy died, I planned on killing one of the healers shortly after because it didn't heal the other healer, but i ****in died to that double demon proc right after killing em so there's that... Just a heads up on this damned fiend on the epic encounters mod.

        • Anonymous

          Coffinfeeder Stats:
          One handed - Needs 13 STR
          121-157 Slashing
          25-32 Tenebrium
          Crit: 200%
          +2 CON
          +27% Tenebrium RES
          +1 Shield specialist
          +2 Initiative
          30% to cause Bleeding
          Unlocks Flurry

          • Anonymous

            How do I acquire the stasis fern? I've killed Balberith and talked to Shearah and she didn't give it to me.

            • Anonymous

              to make the fight with Cassandra super easy you can simply use the Aerothurge skill "Netherswap" to swap Arhu out of the magical metal cage and Cassandra into it

              • Anonymous

                To enter the temple of the dead you can just put the teleporter pyramid on the alter and pull the lever. It will enter the temple. Then you can transport to the pyramid.

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