Battlemage is a Class in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.


Battlemage Information

"The Warrior was lost, and night approached. To be alone in the darkness of these haunted woods meant certain death, but there was nowhere to run for shelter. Nearly resigned to fate, the Warrior's eye caught something...a distant light through the trees. The Warrior approached, and bit by bit the gentle glow became a campfire. A wizard sat nearby, holding his thin hands to the small flame. Approaching cautiously, the Warrior asked for shelter, and the wizard was happy to oblige.

The two became both friends and tutors, and the Warrior learned several of the wizard's finest spells.

As they traveled, they happend upon a cave from which a terrible groaning echoed. The Warrior went in first, inching along the cold cave wall as the groaning grew louder. Deep within, a figure, half-woman and half-demon, writhed upon the floor. A Sourcerer possessed.

The Warrior turned to escape, but it was too late- the Sourcerer screeched and cast a deadly spell. But before it could find its target, the wizard threw himself in its path. The Warrior- now a Battlemage and a Source Hunter- never forgot the wizard, nor the magic he'd left behind."


Starting Gear

  • Fireball Scroll
  • Robe
  • Sword and Shield



  • They generally can attack in melee, but they have additional options if they cannot reach their target.
  • The downside of Battlemages is that their struggle to play two different roles makes them not particularly great at either skill. The reason being that Fighters can deal a lot more direct melee damage and Wizards on the other hand have more choices when it comes to elemental damage attacks.
  • Battlemages are great for advanced, quick-thinking players who want to be prepared for anything. When backed up by more specialized partners (such as a healing Cleric), a Battlemage has a high chance of surviving any fight, though it might take a bit longer than usual.





Gives you the ability to perform attacks of opportunity.


Talent_WhatARush.jpgWhat a Rush

Increases your recovery and maximum Action Points by 2 when your health is below 30%.

Starting Skills


Skill_Source_BoostDamage.jpgOath of Desecration

Bestow a damage boost upon an ally.


Skill_Fire_BurningTouch.jpgBurning Touch

Set fire to nearby target. Damage: X-Y fire. 100% chance to set Burning status for 3 turns.


Skill_Warrior_Stun.jpgCrushing Fist

An enormous fist smashes your enemy. Deals X-Y crushing damage. 100% chance to set status effect Knocked Down.


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      One combo that I've found viable is to make both characters battlemages. You can customize both "loadouts" so you can optimize as you see fit.

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