Wayfarer is a Class in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.


Wayfarer Information

"The Wayfarer was not born of woman, but of beast...or so the rumors go. Raised by the creatures and trees of the Phantom Forest, the Wayfarer learned the art of survival before that of speech.

Beasts that would have destroyed another human in a single swipe were the Wayfarer's caretakers and playmates; dodging lightning storms, a matter of survival for most, was the Wayfarer's favorite sport.

When the Grandmaster of the Order of the Source Hunters learned of this remarkable person, he ordered an expedition to make contact. Though wary of leaving the wilds, the Wayfarer was eager to learn more about these strange but powerful Source Hunters."


Starting Gear

  • Oil Flask
  • Leather Armor
  • Crossbow



  • Wayfarers should fight from behind friendly party members and act as a strong second or even third line of offense.
  • Wayfarers have an advantage over Rangers that they can easily adapt to enemies who are immune to arrows by using their magic attacks.
  • Use your Spider Summon to poison targets so that they continue to take damage as the fight progresses even if you were not attacking them.




Talent_PetPal.jpgPet Pal

Enables you to talk to animals. (Note: This is useful for starting/completing some quests, as well as tapping into the general humor of the game).



Gives you a bonus point in Blacksmithing and one in Crafting.

Starting Skills


Skill_Ranger_FirstAid.jpgFirst Aid

Cures Status Effect Bleeding, Crippled and Diseased. Heals target for 10%. 100% chance to set First Aid for 1 turns


Skill_Earth_SummonSpider.jpgSummon Spider

Summon a level 8 spider in a 10.0m radius for 30s.



Fire a normal arrow that deals 100% weapon (piercing) damage and then forks off to the next target up to 4 times within 8.0m.


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