Venomous strike


Walk In Shadows Small


Poison your target. Deals 100% weapon (piercing) damage.
special iconSPECIAL
  • 100% chance to set Poisoned status for 4 turns
action point iconAP COST
  • 4 Use
saving throws iconSAVING THROW
  • 2 turn(s) Cooldown
  • Requires a Dagger

Poisoned deals poison damage over time. Damage dealt depends on your main weapon 's damage rating.

Walk in Shadows is a Skill in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.


Venomous strike Information

  • Recommended Scoundrel Level : 2 - This Skill will cost +2 AP for each level below the recommended one
  • Recommended Attribute Points: 9 Dexterity - Each Dexterity point below the recommended reduced the Status Effect chance of the Skill by 10%, while each point of Dexterity above the recommended grants a 5% bonus chance. Each even point of Dexterity (6, 8, 10, 12, etc) will reduce the Cooldown of this Skill by 1 turn.



Scoundrel skills 
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